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Euro 2012; Why it's Germany vs the Rest

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Forget Dr Ian McHale, he’s might have taken this predictionthing too far; Predicting the Semifinals? Seriously? That would be tough butpredicting a team in the finals would be even tougher. So one way or the other,my mind is made up, Germany will be at the finals of the Euro’s and what betternews would it be; Germany will win the Euro’s I think so.
People who have been reading this blog since the start ofthe year would probably agree with me, I failed big time in the Africa Cup of Nations predictions and even worse to it Jose Mourinho my eternal mentor, whomy first born son is going to be named after by the way, failed to clinch theChampions League as I expected.
Devil’s advocate; Sunday July 1st, Germany are inthe finals, they loose on penalties. On this one, I’m so sure it’s not gonna beDrogba to take it but at the same time, I’d be sad if it’s Schwainsteger whomisses to hand the trophy to the opponent. I probably also don’t know theopponent but let’s face it, it’s that team you think will be at the finalsother than Germany. So up to that point, I’m mentioning no team.
I saw Germany take England apart in the final of the UefaUnder-21 Championship in 2009 and a few members of that team went to the 2010World Cup, though they never managed to win it, everybody in South Africa hadsomething to write home about them.
They were a bit naive and got caught out a couple of times. Surely,they are now closer to the finished article now than ever before and I thinkthey will have a big say at Euro 2012 and at the 2014 World Cup.
Why Germany?
The Bayern players in this squad for me are a very angrylot. They gave it their all in the just ended season but I wouldn’t mind sayingluck wasn’t on their side. Robben will be playing for the Dutch team I know buthowever aggrieved he feels, I think he’s not gonna get his hands on this trophyjust the same way he missed the one Spain proudly holds in the name of theWorld Cup. This spirit and hunger I the team like the one they showed in theWorld Cup should for sure lead them to the title.The one thing that stands out in this team is the way JoachimLeow has used veterans and youth to carve out a brilliant squad capable ofqualifying for this competition unbeaten. So don’t be shocked though if anotherunbeaten run is on the cards as it’s clearly what is expected of the lads.Then there’s how the team lines up; 
Starting with the keeper, you don't get much better thanManuel Neuer. The Bayern Munich shotstopper has established himself as one ofthe elite keepers in world soccer, at the still tender (for a keeper) age of26. Tim Weise provides ample backup if needed, but that should be a non-issue. The back fourrevolves around team captain Philipp Lahm, arguably the best fullback in the gametoday. Capable of playing at either the right or left back position, he willline up on the left with teammate Jerome Boateng opposite on the right flank.Centrally it will be Arsenal's gentle giant Per Mertesacker paired with anotherBayern stalwart, Holger Badstuber. I think the continuity of having four of thefive defensive postitions (including keeper Neuer) from the same side (BayernMunich) will pay huge organizational dividends for the Germans. 
The Germans will employ a five man midfield, centered aroundthe midfield pair of Bayern's Bastien Schweinsteiger, and Real Madrid ace SamiKhedira. Schweinsteiger pulls the strings, and he's as good a midfield generalas you will find anywhere in the game today. Khedira gives them great industryand presence as a destroyer/ball winner. The wide men are equally talented,with Arsenal's new signing Lucas Podolski attacking the left side, and one ofthe revelations of the last World Cup, Thomas Muller, out on the right flank. 
Up front the Germans possess one of the most lethal strikersfor me at the grand stage; Miroslav Klose who’ll partner Mario Gomez. So mymain worry then should be Gomez’s wastefulness, Should he mess up, the benchthe could be a good resting place for him, but so far so good, he should startand why not? Even the golden boot should not be far away from his hands. 
Tactical discipline, focused minds and the hope of a country should be the greatest motivation for the white and black.Anything less than a win in the final will be an underachievement by all standards.
Come on! Need I say more why there are only two teams inthis tournament; Germany and the rest? So Germany is mine, what's yours?
July 1st it is; final whistle, 90 minutes, penaltiesor no penalties! I swear, I'm not getting it wrong this time
Thanks for reading-Signed Germany
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